Why InGlass?


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Everything you’ve ever wanted to do with interior glass is now instantly more possible—and easier—with Guardian InGlass interior glass solutions. The performance-driven technology behind Guardian InGlass products gives you design capabilities that ordinary glass doesn’t—from scratch resistance and light control to shower protection and security. Now you can spend more time thinking about what you can do with glass interiors, and less about how to get it done.
That’s what Guardian InGlass is all about. Interior glass solutions that deliver easy, end-to-end accessibility—from the initial idea through installation—to the designers who are moving glass design forward.


Glass Sample System

Touch it. Test it. Experience it. The Guardian InGlass Sample System puts the tools you need to view glass combinations and color options right into your hands. The system includes three boxes that provide samples of our most popular solutions for performance glass, textures, as well as a set of color samples (laminated and back-painted) so you can see first hand if a specific glass is right for your design. In addition, you can register your sample system on our site or by using a QR code so that you can receive regular sample system updates. Just request a sample system today and let us know what you need.


A Comprehensive Supply Network

From answering your quickest questions to helping solve your most complex glass challenges, Guardian’s extensive supply network will help you get your next project done. Our network of Guardian InGlass partners is ready to lend a hand with artistic design services, custom and standard fabrication, glazing, hardware and casework supply, as well as retail distribution. Explore all the possibilities in glass interiors today. Contact a Guardian representative who can assist you.