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Listed below, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Guardian InGlass interior glass solutions. If there is a question you have that we haven’t answered here, feel free to call us at +352.28.111.1 We’re always ready to help.

Product Information
Technical Information
Specifying, Fabrication and Installation


Product Information 


How do I know which products can be combined? What is the best way to locate a specific glass product?

You can browse a complete list of product combinations on our website, searching by color, application, performance or product line. You can also use our spec creator to help locate the best product combination for your project.


What do the InGlass euro signs represent?

Our euro sign symbols are intended to provide a guideline for the relative cost of each product compared to other products.  This is only a guideline for comparison and actual pricing should be obtained from a Guardian InGlass Select fabricator  or a Select Dealer for the product type desired.


Can I get DiamondGuard on someone else’s glass?

For a specific project, it may be possible to coat DiamondGuard on a non-Guardian glass.  DiamondGuard is a proprietary coating and there are certain requirements necessary for this type of product combination.  Please contact your Guardian representative for more information.


Can I have coated textured glass (e.g., CristalGuard on acid-etched glass)?

DiamondGuard and CristalGuard coatings are available on our SatinDeco acid-etched glass. If you have further questions with regards to the availability of coatings on other textured glass, please contact a Guardian representative.



Technical Information


Does the warranty cover the end-user or the fabricator of the glass? 

Individual products such as CristalGuard have warranties for both the end-user and the fabricator. However, other products like DiamondGuard are only warranted through the fabricator, and customers should work directly with the fabricator for any warranty information or claims.  Please note that warranties do not cover glass breakage. Download specific product warranties for more detailed information.


Why do your warranties vary by product?

Each warranty has been customized to a specific audience based on differences in the products and their intended applications. Download specific product warranties for more detailed information.


How do I know CristalGuard or DiamondGuard is on the glass and on which surface? 

CristalGuard has a single coated surface; in shower applications this surface should be oriented facing the interior of the shower.  Upon installation, an identification label should be affixed to the uncoated surface of the CristalGuard coated glass.  This label should be left on the glass until installation of CristalGuard is complete.  In the event the coated surface orientation is lost, an electronic detector can be used to identify the CristalGuard coated surface.  Please contact your installer  to acquire an electronic detector.  Guardian is currently developing a tool to quickly identify the DiamondGuard coated glass surface, but this is not available at the present time.

Do you have testing information on the uniformity of your SatinDeco acid-etched product?

During development work on the product, Guardian evaluated the surface roughness of the acid-etched glass in order to create a product with improved uniformity. This data is available upon request. We also measure gloss as a measure of quality on all of our acid-etched products.


Does your mirror come with safety film?

Guardian mirror products can be shipped with a safety film. Contact a Guardian representative for more information. 


Do color laminated products provide the benefits of sound reduction and safety?

Though color laminated products can help with sound reduction and increase safety in instances when glass is broken, the primary purpose of colored laminated glass is often enhanced design flexibility. 


Where does the material come from (with consideration to LEED credits)?

Raw materials for our glass products are sourced locally whenever possible. Some specific materials not available locally are sourced from the closest source available.





How do I order a sample of the material I want? What process do I need to follow to get a mock-up?

Samples are available as 10cm or A5samples using our sample order form. For larger samples or special requests, please contact a Guardian representative.


Why does it take so long to receive the samples I ordered?

We have many stock samples readily available that can be shipped out upon request. All other product combinations must be requested from a production facility, where samples are produced and fabricated on a made-to-order basis.


Can I customize the samples in the sample box set?

No, each box in our sample system comes with a predetermined list of samples meant to represent the breadth of the Guardian InGlass line. You can use the Glass Viewer included in the system to create product combinations and preview color options for laminated and DecoCristal back-painted products. Additional 10cm or A5 samples of a specific product combination can be ordered using our sample order form.



Specifying, Fabrication and Installation


How do I know what thickness of glass is appropriate for stairs and railings?

InGlass Select Fabricators, Select Dealers  and Guardian Representatives can provide information on specifying the correct thickness of glass for your project.


Can I get your glass as part of the furniture I specified?

Yes, Guardian InGlass products can be specified for furniture and case good applications.  Contact Guardian at +352.28.111.1 or send us a for additional information.


Does Guardian have a network of installers?

We work with many different professionals necessary to complete an interior glass project.  Typically, our InGlass Select Dealer network can handle your installaiton and glazing needs for your project.  


Does Guardian supply door handles for shower doors?


Your InGlass Select Dealer can supply you with all the hardware and additional elements required to complete your project.


Can I order Guardian InGlass interior products from non-certified fabricators?

Guardian interior glass products are available from a wide variety of Guardian’s direct customers.  However, our network of InGlass select fabricators and dealers have experience and capabilities to handle design driven projects making them the preferred partner for your project.   


How long will it take to get material shipped (lead time from manufacturing to fabricator/glazier/on-site)?

Material shipments can vary significantly by product and product combinations. Products that are readily in stock and only need simple fabrication may only be a couple of weeks while large scale or custom products will require significantly more time.  For accurate information, please contact your InGlass Select Fabricator, Select Dealer or a Guardian representative. 


Is specialized equipment required for Guardian InGlass products?  

In some cases, yes. Guardian InGlass Select Fabricators have been certified by Guardian to verify that they have expertise as well as the specific equipment necessary to handle products from the Guardian InGlass product lines so that you can be confident the your fabricated product will be right the first time.


Who do I call for product or technical questions? What if I do not see an answer to my question here? 

Contact a Guardian representative for additional information.